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Full-Service Security Firm

Security Services Provider

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Desmond Oludare Ojumu, Streamline Security Services Inc. is the largest privately owned and locally operated security services provider in the Tri-state area. We employ around 5,500 highly qualified security personnel and the industry's most experienced

management staff.

Streamline Security Services Inc. is a financially stable firm with extremely strong infrastructure and security programs in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Texas. Our dedication to 100% client satisfaction is driven by a “client first” mindset and methodology, supported by our vast local resources and experience.

Our steady growth can be attributed to a business model that continues to provide uncompromising and communicative management support, timely and active problem resolution, and an overall superior level of service focused on exceeding every client's expectations.

We specialize in program customization with consideration of our client's budgetary restraints while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. With capabilities that include the integration of our uniformed security personnel (both armed and unarmed), cutting-edge technologies, and strategic consulting services, we provide the most cost-efficient and effective protective solutions for every client's specific needs.

We have a proven ability to provide superior protection for both private and public sectors. This has made us the security firm of choice for even the highest threat potential assets—from densely populated residential complexes, college campuses, government buildings, health care facilities, commercial businesses and constructions, to major airports and high-profile public landmarks.

Streamline Security Services Inc.

Toll Free: (800) 606-7269

Fax: (718) 285-6174


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